Monday, April 11, 2011

Boughetto! I may likey!!!

Warning***The content in this particular article may be offensive to some, as it is not "politically" correct, but I do not give a damn! But, I warned you.***

Now, I need you to be very real with yourself for a minute, something is very nice about a mate that can dress well, scent is intoxicating, and knows how to treat you with the respect you command. Those are  the basics, yes I said BASICS. So, now that is established my ideal mate captures all of that, but also likes to enjoy the finer things and willing to explore  and try new fare, professional, witty, spiritual,stable,agile,passionate,giving, understanding,loving,easy-going, God-fearing,high-integrity, honest,intelligent,accepting,dorky, technology geek, political,loyalty,  loves my son-dog, great in bed, family-oriented,supportive,loving, goofy, optimistic,positive, culturally diverse, and a hint of urban swag!
So, imagine Sex and the City and I will take Bigs, but I will take a few scenes from Denzel in Training Day and bam you have it, LMAO. Actually Bigs could handle his own he was a  nonsense type of person and that is hot as hell-actually he is well rounded to me, Denzel in Training day would get your ass killed, that is too much , yet was a little sexy at the same time. I am not going to lie on mine!I have been out with someone that was a total wimp before, this is not a race thing either! This was a wimpy ass Black man- just for the record- they are not all same! (Everyone that reads this will not know this-duh).

So the overly macho , urbaniness, or what some may call "ghetto" is not dependent on color at all. I just want someone that can handle themselves under ANY situation and not be intimidated by another person regardless of their race, class,etc. Now, you do have to be a diverse individual to be able to do this and do it well. Also, well cultured as I like to two-step and Salsa. Don't be scared because my cousin stays by Happy Foods and yes we have to go get her son AFTER dark. It goes on and on... Until we meet...

Love you already,

The Black Snob


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