Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are you Snoop Doggy Dog, oh no your just a snooper!

Women and men are notorious for rummaging through a cheating mates belongings and trying to find an answer to the question "Are you cheating?", but  please believe men do the same thing! Why do we feel the the need to dig and prod for answers, when you know the truth. Truth is if you feel the need to look through someone's phone, computer, or belongings you do not completely trust that person or insecure as hell. Either way  this relationship has a good chance of failing. The fascinating part of it all is AFTER you find out your mate is cheating and all hell breaks loose, than you stay with the person anyway!! What the hell was the point? So, now you know your suspicions are correct?

  If you are going to snoop and want to validate your feelings that your mate is doing the horizontal Polka with another lover, have a damn plan to leave,counseling,etc. But to stay with the person and try to belittle them by bringing it up time and time again or constantly feeling the need to call their phone to "see what they are doing" is pointless. You will drive yourself crazy and even if your mate is not cheating again, you will drive them away. There is an old adage "If you are going to accuse me. I may as well do it.".

I also want to state I am not a cheater, nor have I ever cheated on a mate physically, maybe emotionally though- if we are going to be completely honest. However, I have been snooped on and  had one person that I snooped on. Either way it is still not the wise thing to do. If you cannot trust the person- leave it alone!!


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