Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stay True

I must admit sometimes I have found myself acting out of character to match someone's stupidity. We all know about being loyal to friends and family, but what about self?  When you allow another to change who you are because you refuse to let  them  disrespect, marginalize you in some sense you  are cheating on yourself...with yourself. Often we compromise our own integrity to get on another person's level that we recognize as petty, childish or just down right stupid. We know the shit is beneath us, but before we know it we are berating another person to let them know they will not treat us this way- we have matched them blow for blow. Then later we have the audacity to sit high on our throne and talk about how ignorant and petty another person is while cloaking ourselves as victims. No matter who started it if you are matching someone on their heinous deeds you are no better.  That is why I say no Grudges but let those people go...don't let anybody change you. Don't be a drag just be a queen. LOL


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