Monday, May 16, 2011

The Black Snob goes to Aldi's

First of all, sorry for not blogging recently, but it has been crazy lately. Anyway, there is an Aldi's about 2 minutes away from me. I have never went in there before. The building looks out of place everything around is really new and it's a plain building and seems everything was simply built around it. Any other store would of done an update but not Aldi- first sign of the ghettoism.

OK, first I must say that someone told me a long time ago. Aldi's was Black owned., Aldi's is a Germany based company. Yes, obviously some ghetto ass Germans. So, let's start from the beginning. I walk in and am expected to reserve a cart by putting in a quarter, well I have 2 dimes and a no cart for me.Please its just a damn cart not a hotel room geez! Next as I look around its like someone unloaded the boxes and just stacks them on top of each other. Makes me feel like I am at Costco minus the name brands and Cafe. Also, I hate the fact that Cereal just says "Corn Flakes", instead of having their own private label that makes  it seem not so damn generic. I mean allot goes into how you present your store and packaging to me. Having a nice design or atleast a private label would make Aldi's much more appealing.

I was glad to see they threw in some healthy options also, their fit and active I believe. They had options like turkey bacon, their version of a lean hot pocket, and some other choices. I did purchase some Turkey bacon which was OK, not worth the sacrifice for the 5 cents I saved off of Target's price and the Pepperoni Pizza Pocket was rank!! That tastes like dookie (as my 5 year old God daughter would say)! LOL

So, to be honest I was pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the store the vast selection of foods and the produce looks decent and I will admit the seafood section was quite nice. Some great deals on vegetables such as green peppers 3 for 99 cents! That is amazing. While this Black snob will not frequent Aldis I can see the value there, the setup with some minor changes and just a little more thought and innovation could make for a pleasant shopping experience. But for now it still rings Ghetto. I go to places for the ambiance and the experience, product selection, etc. If you strictly are looking for a bargain and nothing else matters go to Aldi's- you will be pleasantly surprised.  But, the savings will only add up if you do majority of your shopping there. This does get the Ghetto stamp! POW.


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