Thursday, March 24, 2011

More about Elizabeth Taylor R.I.P.

First I LOVE Elizabeth Taylor, I thought her beauty was timeless and she was a more classic beauty than Marilyn Monroe and definitely had more depth.  That is not a knock out Marilyn Monroe as I loved her also she took sexiness to a new level and made women feel empowered by their bodies instead of ashamed or degenerated by being sexy. Many Kudos! At any rate this is about Elizabeth.

RIP Elizabeth Taylor, a great actress and a great beauty, who's formidable contributions to both film and charity will always be remembered.

1. Elizabeth Taylor hates being called Liz because she said it sounded like a hiss.

2.Elizabeth's Taylor Jewish name is Elisheba Rachel.

3.She was the first actor (male or female ) to earn $1,000,000 dollars for role in Cleopatra in 1963


  4. She spoke Maggie's first word "Daddy" on the Simpsons.

5.Michael Jackson and Liz were really the closest of friends, she had her 1992 marriage in Neverland Ranch, gave him a ton of exotic gifts for his home and she was Godmother to Prince and Prince Michael , 2 of Michael's children.

6. Richard Burton give her this 69.5 Carat stone which she eventually put on a necklace and later auctioned for charity and gave to the funds to the Aids foundation.

7. She was a huge Aids activist and humanitarian. When it was unpopular and nobody wanted to be associated with the disease. She was courageous and unfaltering. She personally designed and took pieces to the  annual Aids silent auction, instead of having a personal assistant etc. drop  them off.


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