Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That's my man, that is her husband.

I am fascinated by so many women that CHASE married men, and I just wonder what is that keeps you chasing someone's man. I see this commonly and have noticed it for years. The most moronic thing is the mistress thinks once they break up the marriage, the guy is going to carry them away in a damn carriage  and they will live happily every after. Bitch please! Now, I can say there may be some extenuating circumstances every now and again, as men often lie about their marriage status. I am not speaking on a woman who does not know the situation and falls in love, I mean the woman that chases a married man to no end? What makes you think that is OK and what makes a woman think that is a "good man", someone that did not respect their marriage and slept with you...is now a dreamboat? You think he is going to leave his wife and be faithful to you.Also, isn't it odd that you can call someone's husband your "man". Anyone carrying on a full blown relationship outside of a marriage - is not a man by far. Nor is the woman any better to be an active an knowing participant in such  acts.

Maybe it is the excitement of getting caught or the fact that you feel like you have won the "prize". I have known many women that find having an affair with a married man tantalizing and basically just hot. I wonder do you think you deserve someone just for yourself or you just living for the moment?

Call it  what you want you are a mistress, at the end of the day the wife carries the tittle, home, ring and your man at the end of the day. If you are ever in a situation and God forbid that man passes, you will be on the outside without a pot to piss in  financially and may not be welcome at the funeral as the spouse most likely will be the one to plan and control it. If I was the wife I would cut your ass and have Pookie and them jump you at the funeral! LOL, that is how I roll.

Although, this sounds quite negative, I don't judge the persons but the situation they are allowing and opening themselves up to. Including diseases, because almost everyone I have encountered sleeps with married men UNPROTECTED- that is what really kills me. Why put yourself at risk? The dumb-ass assumption is 1. The wife is faithful, so no diseases there 2. The Man is only sleeping with me and his wife. Another killing part is when the mistress finds out she is not the only one and is pissed! Why are you mad? This shit is so whack and just lacks common sense

Top lines married men use

1. My wife just does not understand me.

2. She just does not want to have sex anymore.

3.She just does not get me, like you do.

4. I am just there for the kids.

5. She knows its over, so it's really not cheating.

6.Nobody has ever made me feel like you.

This list goes on and on, so if so you thought it was just you...no sweetie we have heard those lines before!


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