Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What time is it love? You are late!

People  often search for love and we  try to make Mr./Ms. Wrong into Mr./Ms Right.  Love is NOT on  a schedule, just because you're tired of being lonely that whoever you run across next is "the one". I have seen women treat men like an old car, but you  can't make a hooptie into a new model. When you say things like "he has potential", you are really saying he/she has the potential to be shaped into the person I want them to  be. It does not work! There is nothing you can do to change a person that is not ready to change. So, all of  that hard work you are putting into a car that did not suit your fancy because you just want to "ride" something (LMAO) in the end it's going to break down anyway.  Even if you fix it up its still the same damn car!

Love is like me, never on time but it comes at the right moment, In the meantime enjoy your life, family, friends and you may want to  get some rechargeable batteries and a massaging shower head. LOL


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